What's up Docker? is like Watchtower but with UI and Home Assistant integration

What's up Docker? is like Watchtower but with UI and Home Assistant integration

What do you want the most when it gets to the notifications about new images available for your containers? I think the answer is consistency. Getting notifications by email or Whatsapp doesn’t look logical when Home Assistant has its own persistent notifications and powerful actionable notifications in the companion app. This is the place What’s up Docker? can help.

What’s up Docker? looks pretty simple if you want to understand how it works and what it does. It has WATCHERS, REGISTRIES, and TRIGGERS. The WATCHERS watch your containers and REGISTRIES where you took images for them. If a new image is available, you will know about it thanks to TRIGGERS.

What’s up Docker? can monitor local and remote Docker instances, support all popular registries, and has an impressive list of available triggers. For example, it can send a container update notification to IFTTT.

Also, the tool can update your containers automatically using Docker and Docker Compose triggers.

But the most interesting for us is the MQTT trigger. Not only because of MQTT, but because of Home Assistant integration. Enabling it will create an update entity for each monitored container that will change its state from off to on once a new image is available.

Thanks to Labels you can add to each container, it is possible to track only stable releases and even make a release notes link out of the version.

For example, to monitor only stable Home Assistant releases and have a release notes link as a release_url attribute of the update entity in HA, you can use these labels in your docker-compose.yaml file:

      - wud.tag.include=^\d+\.\d+\.\d+$$
      - wud.link.template=https://github.com/home-assistant/core/releases/tag/$${raw}

See What’s up Docker? website for more information, examples, and a quick start guide.