Popup with any cards for your Home Assistant Lovelace dashboard

Popup with any cards for your Home Assistant Lovelace dashboard

Sounds nice, right? That was my dream for some time and I finally found the way to implement it using a powerful browser_mod addon for Home Assistant.

First of all, you need to install browser_mod preferably through HACS. The main purpose of browser_mod is to control any browser/device where you open your Home Assistant dashboard. But today we will use only one from a huge amount of its features.

There are actually two ways to implement popups replacing more-info dialogs. The newest one is described here and can replace the more-info dialog per entity.

The old one is calling a popup using Lovelace actions and I prefer it because you can attach it to any card regardless of the entity it displays. You need to use fire-dom-event action for this. So here is an example of a tap action for any card that will show a popup with two cards in a vertical-stackmarkdown and alarm-panel. The popup will have the title “Home state”.

  action: fire-dom-event
    command: popup
    title: Home state
      type: vertical-stack
        - type: markdown
          content: "## Home operating mode: day"
        - entity: alarm_control_panel.home_alarm
          name: Home alarm
            - arm_away
          type: alarm-panel